Monday, 16 June 2014

Review | NARS Deep Throat Blush

Hi Ladies. Let's get the name of this product out of the way first. Nars do like naughty names for their products. Deep Throat and Orgasm are favourites among bloggers. I think the names of Nars products in a way show the outrageousness of the brand itself. Whilst a lot of Nars colours are lovely and wearable, they are some crazy colours out there! But on to the review. Until this year, I had never tried any Nars products, but 2014 has seen the arrival of two Nars products to my collection. (And its only the end of February, oops!) For me, blushers are what Nars are most well known for. Orgasm is raved about by so many and Deep Throat is the same. I was nearly reduced to tears last year when I found out that the Guy Bourdin for Nars Blush Palette had sold out on the Space NK website. When I couldn't get my hands on the palette, I promised myself that I could buy myself a blush to make up for it. I decided that Deep Throat was the one for me. It is quite natural and will be perfect for S/S.

This is a peachy pink shade, leaning more towards pink. It is laced with the most beautiful subtle gold shimmer. Thank god no glitter as that is something that I had in face products. Who wants to look like a disco ball? Whilst it clearly is a shimmery blush, it is very natural and perfect for every day wear. Although it can be build up for a more dramatic look for the night time. Which leads me onto the pigmentation. Nars blushes are incredibly pigmented. I barely need to tap my blusher brush into the pan, and already there is enough for the apples of both of my cheeks. The just goes to show what amazing quality they are and proves that sometimes you do get what you pay for. Also, they will last such a long time, because you need so little product each time you use it.

It looks lovely on my pale complexion, but I can see it looking equally as nice when I (hopefully) have a bit of colour in my face when the summer months role around. But it is perfect for all year round and a really versatile blush.

Overall, I am so please with this blush. I have worn it every day since I got it, and have barely used my once beloved Benefit Rockateur blush! I know I will get a lot of use out of this and I'm sure I will try more Nars blushes in the future. At £22.50 they aren't cheap, but its only a pound less than Benefits Box Blushers. Nars is quite readily available. I bought mine in the Selfridges Beauty Hall, but you can also buy them from Space NK and Asos.

What are your thoughts on Nars Blushes? Have you tried Deep Throat?


Saturday, 14 June 2014

Life Update | Back To Blogging, Summer Plans and Moving House

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Hi Ladies. Today I have a laid back, chatty post for you! My life has been a complete whirlwind so far this year and I have reached the point where everything has finally calmed down. (Although it's about to get pretty busy again very soon...)

Blogging has had to take a back seat recently. I have had to concentrate fully on revision and studying for my exams. Friday was the day of my final exam, which means now I have nearly 3 months of summer- WOOHOO!! I have missed blogging terribly as for me, it is my creative outlet. I'm so happy that I will be able to blog more often from now on and will be able to put so much more effort into actually maintaining my blog! I am also thinking of starting a YouTube channel properly, as I have only dabbled in videos before. It's a possibility that excites me a lot! I have lots of posts lined up, so stay tuned!

As I mentioned above, I am now free from education until September. After leaving my friends house on Friday after celebrations, the first thing I did was re read The Fault in Our Stars in preparation for the film being released on Thursday 19th June in the UK. After blogging, to read more books is top of my to do list for this summer. I have so many books that I have bought that I haven't had chance to read yet! I also intend to play the piano more.

This summer holds many exciting things for me. Next weekend my sister and I are going to London on Saturday as it is West End Live during the day and in the evening, we are going to see Miss Saigon, which I am unbelievably excited for. I also need to pop to Oxford Street as there are a few last minute things I need to get in preparation for my school Summer Ball/ Prom which is the following Friday. I have most things sorted- I just need to purchase some last minute beauty bits and bobs. (I'm sure a haul will follow!)
Other exciting things include a local Musical Theatre concert in aid of Motor Neurone Disease which I am performing in with my sister. (If you hadn't guessed already, Musical Theatre is a pretty huge part of my life!) I also have lots of things planned to do with my friends- including a girls trip to London to see Mamma Mia!

Probably the biggest part of my summer will be that my family and I are moving house. I've lived in the same house for around 13 years, so I'm very unfamiliar with what moving house actually entails! We will be moving to the Surrey area and I cannot wait to be closer to London- there will be so many more opportunities there for us all! Of course, I am sad that I am leaving my friends and am quitting my job working in a kitchen of a cafĂ©- but its an adventure I cant wait to embark on!

So if I haven't mentioned already: I'm excited for this summer! There are so many things all happening at once, but such is life! I hope you enjoyed this little update and more casual blogging approach! I intend to update my blog 3-4 times a week.

Do you have anything exciting planned this summer?

Lots of love,