Saturday, 31 March 2012

March Favourites

I say this every favourites post, but guess what, I'm gunna say it again- I can't believe how fast this month has gone by! I seems only a few weeks ago that it was February half term, and now its Easter half term! How time flies!

So here are the products I've been loving this month:

1. CLEARASIL PERFECTA WASH- Oh god, where to I start with this? It is just, amazing.Theirs no point messing around, it is the best face wash I have ever used! I have oily skin, and some face washes break me out really easily, but this is just perfect! I have also defiantly noticed a difference in the amount of spots I'm getting too! I am using the fruit extracts wash.
RRP: The mechanism is £12.99 (for a set including a wash) and refills are £4.99

2. BENEFIT B-RIGHT ITS POTENT EYE CREAM- In this monthly favourites, I have 3 products from the Benefit B-right range, quite frankly, because they are some of the best products I have ever used! Before I got this set, I had only really dabbled in eye cream, and I suppose I don't really need one now, but theres no harm in it! It has reduced my under eye bags by miles, and I find I barley have to use concealer under my eyes- what else could a girl ask for?!
RRP: £10 for the minis set, or original size- £23.50

3. BENEFIT B-RIGHT TOTAL MOISTURE FACIAL CREAM- Me and my friend got a sample of this some time last year, and when I finished it, I was gutted and was determined to get the proper size of it. In the end, I couldn't really justify spending that amount of money on a face cream (one day...) so I'll be re-purchasing this set in the near future! But back to the product- it is the creamiest, thickest, most lovely moisturiser in the world. And the smell is divine, as with all the range. It leaves my skin so soft, and its not lying when it says it says it brightens your skin!
RRP: £10 for the minis set, or original size- £26.50

4. BENEFIT B-RIGHT TRIPLE PERFORMING FACIAL EMULSION  SPF 15 PA++- This is the last one, I promise! Again, superb. This is a day moisturiser, and is oil free. It is the perfect base for makeup, as it doesn't leave skin with that greasy feel that some moisturisers do. All I'm waiting for now, is for Benefit to release a fragrance with the scent of this skincare line!

5. MAYBELLINE COLOUR TATTOO GEL CREAM EYESHADOW- I've done a review of this, so I wont bang on too much about it, but I have been wearing this nearly every day for the past week, and even in the scorching weather that the UK has received, it didn't budge at all! The colour is gorgeous and I have been getting compliments gallor! I cant wait to get some more shades!
RRP: £4.99

6. SOAP & GLORY HAND FOOD- I don't suffer with extremely bad dry hands, but they do sometimes feel rather malnourished, so I use a hand cream every night to top up on moisture. I love everything about this, the packaging, the smell, and the amazing product itself! Dry hands have now been banished!
RRP: £5

7. LIZ EARL CLEANSE AND POLISH HOT CLOTH CLEANSER- There's not many products that I re-purchase, as I like to try new things, but at late, I have been finding products that are becoming my 'holy grail' products! This being one of them! I've been back using this again for about a month, and my skin is really thanking me for it! It is so creamy and damn right brilliant! I recommend this to everyone, as it suits all skin types, and it just does wonders for your skin!
RRP: £13.50

8. TIGI ROCKAHOLIC DIRTY SECRETS DRY CONDITIONER: I found this at TKMaxx for a reduced price, and it is amazing! I find myself hardly ever using hair straighteners any more, so I just use this to create a sleek, shiny look. Unlike dry shampoo's it doesn't leave a white residue, it is just a clear spray. And although this sounds weird, it smells a lot better than normal sprays, as you would expect with Tigi!
RRP: £11.25 (£3 in TKMaxx)!

What are your favourites this month?


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Review: Maybelline 24h Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold

Last weekend, I got my hands on a Maybelline Colour Tattoo, and have been using for the past few days, so that I could do a review of it.

The packaging is very sleek and sturdy, with a similar look to MAC Paint Pots and Benefit Creasless Cream Eyeshadows. Although, the magnified glass bottom can be a bit misleading, as it leads you to presume that there is more than 4g in the pot! But with such a lovely product, we can look past that, cant we?!

The name says that these eyeshadows will last for 24 hours. Firstly, who needs makeup to last for 24 hours? I personally like to wash my face twice in that time period! But because it is said to last for 24 hours, it means it will last for the whole working day, without a problem.

The pot is a little bit larger than the Benefit Cream Eyeshadow, meaning you are getting a bit more product, and the price is considerably cheaper! When it claims to last all day, it really does! I have incredibly oily lids, and it lasted well with and without primer. Usually, even with my Urban Decay Primer Potion, powder eyeshadow will have creased at around the 6 hour mark, but this has really exceeded its expectation!

This picture portrays pretty well the gorgeous colour. It is a beautiful gold, very similar to Urban Decay Half Baked when on the lids. It is incredibly pigmented, and a little goes a long way. I got so many compliments when I was wearing it, and its the perfect eye product for summer, as you don't need to worry about topping it up!

You can see here, the amazing pigmentation! The colour is so lovely- I think I am a little bit in love!

It is such a bargain at £4.99, with competing products priced at around £14, and in my eyes, this is really up there with the high end products!

I will defiantly be investing in the Bronze shade as they are so great!

Have you tried one? What are your thoughts?


Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Week in Photos #3

Bobby decided to sleep on Tommy's bed this week, when Tommy was at work with Dad!
What happened when I sat on my stool! Whoops!
Went to see The Woman in Black
Relieved some L'Oreal Paris samples
Me and my friend trying on a top we fell in love with in New Look- The Muppet's
Some yummy lemon muffins
Tommy enjoying the lovely sunshine
Mum and Dad chasing Tommy in the garden
Me and my friend watched one of my favourite films- Moulin Rouge. I know it backwards!

Have you had a nice week?


Just a Small Haul...

Hasn't the weather been lovely this weekend?! I'm sat outside in shorts as I speak! Summers defiantly on its way, and yesterday, I popped into town. Originally looking for the Revlon Lip Butters, which are still not available. (Damn living in a small town)! But I did come across something else I have been trying to get hold of for a while- a Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24h Cream Gel Shadow!

You've seen enough of my FOTD's to know that gold is my favourite colour to wear on my eye lids, so it will come as no surprise that I got it in the gold shade!

In America, and everywhere else that these were, before the UK release, this shade was going under the name of Bold Gold, but it seems to have changed to Eternal Gold. I'm not sure if its just for the UK or they changed the name? But it is a lovely colour never the less!

I haven't tried it yet, so rest assured, there will be an upcoming review of me giving you my two penny's worth!

I also have my eye on the bronze colour, and the matte taupe, (although they didn't have it in my local Superdrug) and they are only priced at £4.99. Which compared to the Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow (£14) and MAC Paint Pots (£13.50) they are a bargain!

I also popped into Primark, and my friend spotted a top that she knew I would love! My favourite animal (well bird) is an owl, and this is the top she found.

Its a cropped T-shirt with kind of frills on the hem and sleeves and the owls are just so cute! And it was only £4!

And then whilst browsing  the jewellery, I saw these, and after seeing just one pair of them, I knew I had to have them!

The middle ones on the top row are the pair that I had to have. My dad is a guards man (grenadier guard).

They're all adorable and great for this year with the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee coming up!

These were £2 for all six pairs.

I didn't get a lot, but I'm pleased with what I did get!

Have you tried the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's?


Saturday, 24 March 2012

'But The House On The Marsh, Was By Far The Worse...'

You might have guessed from the title of this post, (if you've seen it yourself) that I went to see the Woman in Black last night! The is my FOTD and OFOTD.

I am usually awful with 'horror' films, I get so scared! But I went to see Woman in Black despite the reviews calling it terrifying!

If you get the chance, I defiantly recommend going to see it! If your looking for a film that will make you physically jump and scream, this is the one! I didn't think I'd be one to actually scream in a cinema, but I was proved very wrong!


Sorry about the bad picture quality, it was quite late at night!

Blazer: New Look
Top: New Look
Vest Top: New Look
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: New Look



MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50
Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural
Topshop Blush in Flush


Matte Colour in Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes


Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Smog (lid)
Urban Decay Half Baked (inner corner and pull through crease)
Urban Decay Virgin (highlight)
Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner
L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara


MAC Plink

Have you seen The Woman in Black? What did you think?


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Protecting Your Face in the Sun

Living in the UK, I usually pass on the suncream and SPF, which I know, I really shouldn't do, and if theres one thing I've leaned over the past few months, its that it really is important.

Back in November, my Mum was diagnosed with skin cancer. For as long as I can remember, she had this thing on her nose, that nobody knew what it was. She finally went to the doctors and had it checked out, and she was diagnosed. The reasoning behind it, was repetitive burning as a child. She's not one to sun bathe, or use sun beds. It was just as a child, sun cream was never used on her.

She has had the cancerous part taken out of her nose, and is now absolutely fine, you cant even notice it! But now she is very conscious to use products with SPF to prevent being burned again.

Here are the new products she has brought to protect her skin this summer:

Sk:n Repair and Protect Sunscreen SPF 50
MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50

My Mum doesn't wear this under makeup. Although it doesn't leave your skin greasy like most sun protectors, she just prefers to wear this one on days when she doesn't want to wear makeup. It doesn't have a smell, and is very lightweight.

Mum uses this how its meant to be used. Just as a primer under makeup.

Do you need extra sun protection? Have you tried these products?


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Review: Liz Earle Skincare

I own a few Liz Earle skincare items, and I thought I'd do a little review on the items I own.

L-R Brightening Treatment Mask, Gentle Face Exfoliator (sample), Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleaner

The mask is my mums.

I have been using Cleanse and Polish for about 6 months now, and it is my absolute holy grail skin product! It is the best cleanser I have ever used! It is really luxurious on the skin, smells lovely, and really does what its meant to. My skin is so much smoother and clearer than before. Its suitable for all skin types and is really worth a look at, even if you just buy the sample size!

RRP- £13.50

The next product is the exfoliator. I got this as a sample when I brought my second cleanse and polish. It contains very fine beads, and is better than every day scrubs I have tried previously. It makes your skin feel lovely after use, and again, smells great too!

RRP- £13.50

And finally is the mask. I'm going to be completely honest. It really does do what its meant to! You just apply it, leave it for 30 seconds - 2 minutes, and then remove it with a muslin cloth, and you can really see a difference as soon as you take it off! You skin looks clearer and all over brighter! Its amazing!

RRP- £13.50

Have you tried anything from Liz Earle?


Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Week in Photos #2

Received my free Clearsil Perfectawash to review
Picked my retainer up
Received L'Oreal Paris Ever Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner to review
Wrapped Mum's Mother's Day presents
Me on a good day!
Mum brought us Breaking Dawn to watch on Saturday Night
Got a few bits, top from Newlook- ended up paying £1 for it because of vouchers, and a Suzy Smith studded wallet in TKMaxx for £3!
Mum's amazing Thai Curry
And her amazing Chocolate Mouse!
On Mother's Day, we watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Mother's Day Baking

Ready for today, I spend most of yesterday baking treats! I used the Hummingbird Bakery Recipe Book, but I'll write down what you need etc.

I made some Ham & Cheese Savoury Muffins for breakfast, and some Vanilla Cupcakes.

Here are the muffins:

The original recipe was for Cheese & Spinach Muffins, but I adapted it.

Makes 12

You will need:

30g Butter
1/2 Small Red Onion, finely chopped
360g Plain Flour
2 1/2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
1 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
250g Cheddar Cheese, grated
220ml Whole Milk
1 Egg
Pieces of Ham or Bacon
12 Paper Cases


Preheat the oven to 170° (325°F) Gas 3.

Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat, then fry the onion until cooked. Set aside.

Put the flour, baking powder, cayenne and cheese in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, mix the milk and egg together, then slowly pour into the flour mixture and beat with a hand held electric whisk until all the ingredients are well mixed.

Stir in the onion and ham with a wooden spoon until evenly dispersed.

Spoon the mixture into the paper cases until two-thirds full and bake in the preheated oven for 30-35 minutes, or until deep golden and the sponge bounces back when touched. A skewer inserted in the centre should come out clean. Leave the muffins to cool slightly in the tray before turning out onto a wire cooling rack to cool completely.

These are the cupcakes:

Makes 12

You will need:

120g Plain Flour
140g Caster Sugar
1 1/2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
A Pinch of Salt
40g Unsalted Butter, at Room Temperature
120ml Whole Milk
1 Egg
1/4 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
12 Paper Cases

250g Icing Sugar, sifted
80g Unsalted Butter, at room temperature
25ml Whole Milk
A Couple of Drops of Vanilla Extract

Cake Instructions:

Preheat the oven to 170°C (325°F) Gas 3.

Put the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and butter in a freestanding electric mixer with a paddle attachment (or use a handheld electric whisk) and beat on a slow speed until you get a sandy consistency and everything is combined. Gradually pour in half the milk and beat until the milk is just incorporated.

Whisk the egg, vanilla extract and remaining milk together in a separate bowl for a few seconds, then pour into the flour mixture and continue beating until just incorporated (scrape any unmixed ingredients from the side of the bowl with a rubber spatula). Continue mixing for a couple more minutes until the mixture is smooth. Do not over mix.

Spoon the mixture into the paper cases until two-thirds full and bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes, or until light golden and the sponge bounces back when touched. A skewer inserted in the centre should come out clean. Leave the cupcakes to cool slightly in the tray before turning out onto a wire cooling rack to cool completely.

When the cupcakes are cold, spoon the Vanilla Frosting on top, and decorate with your choice of decorations. (I chose edible flowers for Mothers Day).

Vanilla Frosting Instructions:

Beat the icing sugar and butter together in a freestanding electric mixer with a paddle attachment (or use a handheld electric whisk) on a medium-slow speed until the mixture comes together and is well mixed. Turn the mixture down to slow speed. Combine the milk and vanilla extract in a separate bowl, then add to the butter mixture a couple of tablespoons at a time. Once all the milk has been incorporated, turn the mixer up to high speed. Continue beating until the frosting is light and fluffy, at least 5 minutes. The longer the frosting is beaten, the fluffier it becomes.

What do you think? If you try any of these recipes, leave a link to a picture in the reply, or email me a picture!


Wishlist #2

I did a wishlist a few weeks ago. Since then, new things have been released, or I have seen more items that I didn't notice before!

1) Missguided Gerlinda Sheer Feather Print Belted Dress- £24.99
2) Topshop High Waist Split Heart Shorts- £32
3) Topshop Laser Cut Blouse By Sister Jane- £48
4) Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake- £7.99
5) Newlook Enamel Flamingo Earrings- £2.99
6) Topshop Petite Multi Sequin Vest- £40
7) Newlook Diamante Flower and Leaf Wrap Ring- £6.99
8) Models Own Beetlejuice Nail Varnish in Pinky Brown- £5
9) River Island Floral Print Trousers- £25
10) River Island Glitter and Diamante Jelly Sandals- £18
11) Miss Selfridge Stud Detail Vest- £35

Whats on your wishlist?


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Review: Clearasil Perfectawash

On Monday, I received my Clearasil Perfectawash, that I am reviewing. On this post, I 'm just going to include the pictures of the Perfectawash, as I have uploaded a video onto youtube reviewing it.

If you would like to see the video, here is the link.

I am so in love with the product, and I defiantly wouldn't be anywhere without it! It has made my skin so much clearer. I couldn't recommend a product more!

The box it comes in.

It is in two parts.

When its put together.

When the product is released.

I hope you check the video out!

Have you tried the Clearasil Perfectawash?