Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Very Lush Bath

Prior to tonight's partying, I thought I'd start the pampering by having a bath this morning. As I was getting all my stuff ready, I realised that most of the stuff I was using was from Lush.

L-R: Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Angels Delight Soap, Aqua Mirabilis Exfoliator, Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Big Shampoo and Ocean Salt Exfoliator.

After using about a third of the bubble bar.

I now smell like a Lush shop! Mmmmmm....


Friday, 30 December 2011

Bling it up!

I love anything with a bit of glitter or bling, but don't like it too over done, as I might end up looking like someone from TOWIE or Desperate Scouswives! Yes, I watch them!

But I thought this was so cute!

Its a stick on ipod cover. You might of seen them in Accessorize before, but in the sale they are only 50p! Yes! 50p!

Go and check them out! They do them for most ipods I think.


Bit of a Splurge!!

For a while now, I've been needing a new camera. I waited until the sales started, as then, I knew I'd get the best deals. And I did get a good deal!

The camera I decided on, is a Nikon COOLPIX L24

I brought it Jessops in the sale for £39.95. To go with it, I brought some rechargeable batteries, (£15) and my Dad brought me a starter kit (£15) to go with it, which included a screen protector, memory card and case.

I then went to Newlook as I had my eye on some shoes to go with the new dress I brought, and I had some giftcards.

They are suede with tie up bows on the front.

Shoes- £19.99


R.I.P Ben Breedlove

If any of you watch beauty videos on youtube, you might of heard of, or watch MeganHeartsMakeup. And you also might know, that she has a second channel with some of her friends called OurAdviceToYou. Ive watched these videos since they first began, and have always loved them.

This morning, when I signed into my youtube account, I saw that MeganHeartsMakeup had uploaded a new video. And I found out that Ben Breedlove, had passed away on Christmas Day. I was so upset to hear this, and the video Megan made in loving memory of him, brought tears to my eyes.

Ben had made videos, called 'My Story' where he talked about the heart condition he had. His story is so moving, and makes you realise how lucky you are.

So this post is just to say, R.I.P Ben, you will be missed so much.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Vampire Diaries- Elena Gilbert Inspired Look

If you read my last post, you will know that I am currently re-watching 'The Vampire Diaries', and I have created a look, inspired by Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) in the show. It is a pretty natural look, that could be glamed up, and is perfect for every day wear.


These are some pictures of Elena.

And here is the look I created.

(sorry about the very serious face)!!

As you can see, I the look has very dewy skin with lots of blush, the eye is very toned down and natural and there is a light pink colour on the lips.

So, first, I toned and moisturised, and then primed my face to create a suitable base. Using Murad Skin Perfecting Primer and 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer.

I then used foundation. I mixed it with a highlighter to create a dewy look. I used 17 Skin Perfecting Foundation mixed with Technic Highlights.

I then applied to to my face with my No7 Foundation Brush.

Then I used Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer to conceal any blemishes.

Again, I use my foundation brush to blend the concealer.

I then used a setting powder: Bare Minerals i.d. with my Bare Minerals Kabuki.

The blusher I am currently using, is very similar to the one Elena wears on the show. It is supposed to be Benefit's Sugarbomb, but I unknowingly brought it from a fake site, so it is not the real thing, but the colour is very similar, its just the packaging is a darker pink.

I applied it with my 'The Body Shop' Blusher Brush.

I then highlighted my cheeks with Benefit's Highbeam, but I couldn't get a suitable picture of it. But most people know what it looks like anyway.

Elena always has very bronzed skin, so I contoured my cheeks with a bronzer out of a 17 palette, and swept a small amount of bronzer on my face where the sun would naturally catch it. (On my forehead, down my nose and on my chin).

Sorry the pictures a bit blurry!

I then filled my brows in using a hard angled brush.

Then, for eyes, I used a few products. (On the picture it looks loads as I used 3 different mascaras, but really, theres not very many things).

First, I primed my eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion. Then used Virgin out of my Naked Palette to highlight my brow bone. Then placed some of the Barry M Dazzle Dust in Tan on my eye lid. (Both using the Urban Decay Shadow Brush). I then got a cotton bud/cue tip, dipped it in the Dazzle Dust, so there was a small amount on there, and then put it on my lower lash line. I then contoured my eyes with Smog (again out of my Naked Palette and using my Shadow Brush). Then I lined the lower water liner with 'The Body Shop' Carbon Black Eye Definer. Then I used three different mascaras to make my lashes look full and volumised. First, Collection 2000 Longer Lash Mascara, then Avon Super Shock Mascara and finally Rimmel London Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara.

Finally, I used my new 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Barely Blush.

For the hair, I brushed my hair into a middle partin, and straightend it, until it was poker straight like Elena's.

And that's it! Hope I didn't make this post to long, boring and unreadable!


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Blogging on my iPad2!

For Christmas, I got my dad 'The Vampire Diaries' season one. Me and mum watch it real time, and have done fore about a year and a half. We've watched it since the beginning and absolutely love it, but dad has only just started watching it, so is a bit out of the loop.

So we are watching it now, and I thought I'd do a little blog post while I'm watching it, plus I want to see how well blogger works on the iPad2 (for the record, very well)!

I'm planning on doing an 'Elena' makeup look soon. (character from the show)

Do you watch the vampire diaries?


How I Clean My Makup Brushes

There are many different ways, and many different products that are used to clean makup brushes. I have watched countless youtube videos on how different guru's clean their brushes. I have kind of merged them all into one, to create the method I use.

I (try) to deep clean my brushes once a week, but really need to invest in a product that enables me to spot clean them, (i.e MAC brush cleanser) I use so many different colour eye shadows, that by the end of the week, the amount of makeup that comes off my brush is, well, disgusting!
Also not washing your brushes can cause spots, so I like to keep them clean, and it does only take about 10 minutes, depending on how many brushes you own.

This is everything I use. L-R: Shampoo, (I know I should be using baby shampoo, but every time I'm in town I always forget! You should really, but the shampoo I use is quite basic) Olive Oil, Brushes, Lots of Kitchen Roll and a sponge.

If you have any brushes that are used with cream products (cream eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, concealer brush etc you should use olive oil before the shampoo, to make sure you get everyting out. I do usually use olive oil to clean my normal eye shadow brush too, as I use it a lot).

I'll do an example with my cream eyeshadow brush.

First, pour a small amount of olive oil onto some kitchen roll, and swirl the brush in it, making sure you have got a lot of the makup off.

Run the brush under water.

Then squeeze some shampoo onto the sponge, and when the brush is wet, again swirl it in the shampoo to ensure that the brush is properly clean.

My lovely clean brushes!

But look how dirty they were!

How do you clean your brushes?


NOTD: Glitter Glam

This is my second nail of the day, and I am using the same brand of nail varnish- Barry M Nail Paint, simply because I absolutely love the quality and colours and the colours I created this look with are recently new, so I'm excited to experiment.

I think this look is really quirky, with the glitter on the one nail! Hope you try it yourself!

All I did was paint all of my nails with Barry M Shocking Pink, and then painted my fourth/ring finger with the Barry M Limited Edition Glitter Paint.

Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking Pink: £2.99
Barry M Nail Paint in Limited Edition Glitter: £3.99


My New Coat!

I said in my last post, there was something else I brought (well my mum found it and I payed her back for it) but I didnt include it, as I think it deserves a post of its own.

If you have read any of my other posts, you might remember that in the 'Following the Chelsea Trend' post, I said how much I wanted a Fur Coat from TKMaxx.

When I went into TKMaxx, my coat was nowhere to be seen, somebody else obviously brought it. I thought this was a sign that I wasn't supposed to buy it, and it was quite a lot of money to spend.

But I got a phone call from my Dad, talking about some coat they had found in a boutique, (they weren't shopping in the same place as me) my little sister (who was with me when I tried on the original) said it was very similar to the one from TKMaxx and £15 instead of £40. Dad sent me a picture, and it looked pretty good to me, so I asked them to get it, and I am so glad I did!

Its just what I've been looking for, and it goes really nicely with both of the new outfits I brought. Haul is my last post!

Very Made in Chelsea!


Haul-Hitting the Christmas Sales!

So after a very busy Christmas, me and my friend decided to go shopping. I got lots of lovely bits!

In February, as my Mum's birthday present, we are going to see Ghost the Musical in London. And I have been on the look out for a dress. I found exactly what I wanted in New Look!

I was so pleased I found it, its so pretty and was on the sale rail! (Prices at the end).

I then went to Primark and picked up a new top and leggins.

I'm thinking about wearing this little outfit to a New Years Eve party I'm going to. I'm also planning to wear this top with a black skirt and patterned tights!

And then I thought, well these looks have to have makeup to go with them (any excuse)! and I knew that Barry M had a deal on in Boots, so I got myself over there! (Deal: buy two products and get a limited edition nail paint free).

I got a Dazzle Dust in Tan.

A Gold Foil Effect Nail Paint

And free, I got a Limited Edition Nail Paint.

Foils are going to be really on trend in the spring, so instead of buying a set, I thought I'd buy a bottle that I can reuse. I'll do a NOTD when I've tried it!

I also got another thing, but I'm going to do another blog about that!

Dress: Newlook- (sale) £9
Top: Primark- £6
Red Leggins: Primark- £3
Dazzle Dust in Tan: Boots- £4.59
Foil Effect Nail Paint: Boots- £3.99
Limited Edition Nail Paint: Boots- (usually £3.99)


Review: Lush Lil Lush Pud

Yesterday, I was still feeling quite Christmassy, as after all, it was only Boxing Day!
After going on a very long walk up the Malvern Hills to blow out the cobwebs from Christmas Day, I gave home, very cold, and ran myself a bath, and used the Lush Ballistic, Lil Lush Pud. It has the smell of marzipan, and is renowned for softening you skin.

(I must say before I put any pictures on, the colour is very off putting)!!

So, when you put it in the bath, like any other ballistic, begins to fizz instantly. 

When I picked it up, it was a brown gloopy thing!

See what I mean about the colour! Hmmm....

I will say, it did make my skin softer, but you kind of expect that from all of the ballistics. The smell didn't stay for very long, and unlike Dragons Egg, which took a long time to fizz, and bobbed about in the bath, this one, just really quickly fizzed, and then it was gone!

I've read other reviews on it, and some people love it! So I guess its a bit like marmite. But sorry Lush, but I won't be repurchasing it!

Lil Lush Pud- £1.95

If you've tried it, what did you think?