Monday, 11 March 2013

Review | Philosophy Hope in a Jar

 I featured this moisturiser in my previous February Favourites and promised a review, as it is well known for being a very controversial product- you either love it or you hate it! And I for one love it!
Philosophy as a brand has very mixed reviews. Undoubtedly most famous for their all in one shower gel/ shampoo/ bubble baths. Their skincare products are a little more low key, although there is a lot of hype around this moisturiser and the Micro-delivery Peel and Exfoliator.
I bought this in the sale after Christmas. It is a sample size, and set me back £5. (Usual price for £10). And I thought this was fairly reasonable, seeing as a full size pot will cost you £34. Steep huh?! Anyway, I didn't use it straight away as I needed to finish my Origins Moisturiser. I took Hope in a Jar skiing with me as it is light and travel friendly.
This moisturiser claims to be suitable for all skin types, which I was a bit sceptical about, but after testing it when I had both dry and oily skin, I can safely say that this is true!
The first time I used it, I had just come back from a long day skiing, and my skin was in desperate need of a little TLC as the cold weather and wind had wrecked havoc on it, leaving me with dry patches. On first impressions, I was a little shocked at the consistency; it is very thin, more like a lotion, but less runny. But once you begin to massage it into your skin, it becomes a little creamier.
It is absorbed really quickly, which is something I am very pleased with, as who wants a greasy face after applying moisturiser? After it had sunk in, my skin really did feel refreshed and smooth.
I have noticed I haven't broken out as much after using it, but I'm not sure its down to the moisturiser, or the fact I have stopped using my Clarisonic for a while. Anyway, my skin is in pretty good shape!
The one thing that puts a lot of people off about Hope in a Jar is the scent. At first, the overally herbal scent is quite overpowering, but you can hardly smell it when its on your face. Personally, I like it. To me, it smells just like Lush Dream Cream!
Overall, I love this moisturiser, and if it wasn't so darn expensive, I would defiantly be repurchasing the full size. And it really does work for all skin types!I guess I'll have to wait until next Christmas when they bring out smaller sizes!
Have you ever tried Hope in a Jar? Do you recommend any moisturiser for oily skin?

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