Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Review | MAC Lipstick in Rebel

MAC Rebel Lipstick is probably one of my favourite lipsticks of all time. Whilst it is quite a daring colour if you only really dabble with brighter lipsticks, it is still a beautiful shade that I adore wearing throughout the year.
I received it as a Christmas present from my little sister, and I really didn't expect to wear it as much in the hotter months as I do. I kind of thought that a dark plum colour would be quite festive, but I really have found it wearable during the summer time.
Rebel is described as a Midtonal Cream Plum on the MAC website, but personally I think when its on the lips, it is just a very bright pink. It looks incredibly dark in the tube, but that's not how it transfers onto the lips.
It is a Satin Finish, which means it has a very smooth, slightly glossy look when on the lips.
Staying power is great with this lipstick. I have worn it out many times, and even though it does wear off after time, you are left with lovely 'berry' stained lips.
Overall I really do love this lipstick, and really do recommend it if you are looking for a very versatile lip colour.
Just an additional note: I haven't bought a MAC Lipstick for a while, and has anyone else noticed that the prices have creeped up to £15!!! I use to pay £13.50 when I first started buying MAC Lipsticks!

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