Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Goodbye Braces, Hello Pearly Whites!

I've had braces for nearly a year and three months. I had them put on on 20th December 2010. My teeth were pretty bad, I had huge sticky out canines. The rest of my teeth were fine, but those canines, yeesh, you really would of thought I had fangs! But I had braces on, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I've never really had any trouble with them. On Christmas Day 2010, which was 5 days after I'd had them put on, I woke up with a huge swollen lip, where my braces had rubbed. Not a good look for Christmas Day! And then further on through the day, a piece of wire became undone, and was stuck in my gum. Oh the drama! I've had a few incidents, where parts of it popped off, and I had to have them re-glued, and sometimes they rubbed a bit, but its nothing that caused me major pain.

The worst bit was probably the tightening. You hear all sorts of horror stories about it, and the actual procedure isn't that bad. Its just afterwards, your teeth are really tight, and its quite painful to eat.

So here is a (gruesome!) picture of my braces:

Please ignore the horrible skin!

And here is the finished teeth...

Ta Da!

When I look at them together, its really surprising the difference!

I'm pretty pleased with them!

Here's a few pictures of me without them:



  1. I bet you are smiling more often now :) beautiful smile xxx

  2. you look awesome! :)