Sunday, 3 June 2012

My Week In Photos #13

Bobby deciding not to give me back my ipod
15% off Jack Wills in the post
Learning how to play Skinny Love of the piano
The best Strawberry Jam in the world- from Fortnum & Mason
Wrapped my friends present- a harmonica necklace, a Topshop voucher and some Barry M's
In the shades Denim, Silvery Lilac and Bright Pink
NOTD- Barry M Mint Green
Recieved my Garnier 7 day challenge
Dad's bet on a horse at the Derby; didnt win a penny!
My king prawn spaggetti and an Italian Restaurant
Vanilla Cooler at Costa
Fortnum & Mason: The Parlour
We had a Knickerbocker Glory
Strawberries, Amaretti Biscuits and Marshmallows
To dip in a delicious Fondu!

Hope you had a lovely week and are enjoying the long weekend!


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