Monday, 11 June 2012

I Went To MAC...

I can only apologise for my recent lack of posts, but I will be making up for it, by writing lots of new posts, and two new youtube videos are up on my channel- yay!

On Saturday, me and my best friend went to Birmingham on a shopping trip that we had been planning for at least 3 months! We were originally going to go to Cardiff, but there was a problem with the trains to Cardiff, so we changed to Birmingham at the last minute, but I think its safe to say, we're both glad we did!

I've recorded a Big Collective Haul where I show all the bits I have bought recently, but I'm going to do a few blog posts, to talk about some of the products in more depth.

Unlike Cardiff, Birmingham has no MAC store, just a counter in Selfridges. As expected, it was manic, but we did find a lovely sales assistant to help us find what we wanted.

The first item I wanted, was the 15 Pro Palette. It is a sleek, black, empty palette that you can fill yourself with your choice of whatever colours. The slots are magnetic, to ensure that when you insert any pan eyeshadows, you are reassured that they are not going to fall out.

Obviously, an empty palette isn't the least bit appealing, therefore, an eyeshadow in pan form was a must!

The shade I bought was one that I knew had to be my first MAC eyeshadow. It is the perfect neutral that suits any skin tone and is incredibly flattering.

The shade is All That Glitters.

This picture shows the magnet on the back to ensure it stays in place in the palette.

What MAC says:

Beige with Gold Pearl

It is a Veluxe Pearl Finish.

Personally, I think it is more of a peach colour when on the eye lids- but I guess the people at MAC are the experts!

Despite the name, this eyeshadow contains minimal glitter. It has a slight shimmer to it, but nothing too extravagant. It is a perfect day colour (and as I have said already) it flatters all skin tones.  Although you could dress it up with a darker bronze or brown in the outer corner of your eye, and use eyeliner, to transform it into a night-time look.
As usual with MAC products, the pigmentation is phenomenal, and you really get what you pay for. One swatch gives enough product to cover your whole eyelid.

I also purchased a lipstick that I have had my eye on for a while.

It is, in my opinion, the perfect nude. It compliments any eye look you are wearing; whether its a neutral or smokey eye, and again, it will work with any skin tone.

The shade is Creme Cup.

What MAC says:

Light Blue Pink

It is a Cremesheen Finish.

It is a really wearable nude, perfect for day and night. The name 'Cremesheen' sugests it is a very 'creamy' lipstick. It applies beautifully and doesn't dry the lips at all. Also, the blue undertones in the lipstick give the illusion of whiter teeth.
Again, pigmentation is amazing, not something I'm used to as my other MAC lipstick is a Lustre finish, which doesn't give as much coverage.


15 Pro Palette- £11.50
Eyeshadow in Pan Form- £10
Lipstick- £13.50

I hope you enjoyed this MAC post, and comment below and tell me any MAC products you would recommend!


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