Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Florida Holiday Pictures!

So I've finally written it! The post containing a lot of my photos from Florida! I hope you enjoy them!
Warning: Picture Heavy!!
My sister and me on our first day!
Me at Seaworld
Me on my birthday at Florida Mall, lots of shopping was done!!
Annabelle and Me at Universal Studios
Ever heard of a little place called Pinkberry? Seriously, it is the best place in. the. world! So glad there is one in Selfridges and Stratford Westfeilds!
My sister has a little obsession with the Titanic (not that I don't, I cant hear My Heart Will Go On without wanting to burst into tears!) and we went to this really cool museum, where it was like you were a passenger on the Titanic! 
This was being written in the sky when we were driving.
Mum and me at Seaworld
Aren't these the most beautiful, amazing creatures you've ever seen?!
Such a cute face!
This is just the most amazing animal show! (as well as the dolphin one!) It is just spectacular!
We were honestly this close to these tigers!
At Seaworld again
The most adventurous ride Mum's ever been on!!
Me on my birthday
Taking my wimp of a sister on the biggest log flume in Orlando. (Although I've got to hand it to her, we got her on some big roller coasters)!
Now this is probably one of my favourite parts of the holiday, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter! Above is Hogsmede.
The Hogwarts Express
Its just so realistic!
We got to try Butterbeer, it taste AMAZING!
The Three Broomsticks
Another one of my favourite moments, feeding the stingrays was so cool! They just swim up to you, and you stroke them, and then hit their fins on the side of the wall to get you to feed them! Its so funny!
And my other best bit was feeding these beauties! Its so surreal to be able to touch these amazing animals, never mind feed them! Its something that I will remember for my whole life!
This was a lovely dolphin show, they are so fab!
I couldn't not include this! Seriously, look at Annabelle's face! She hates rides, and me and my dad talked her into going onto the fastest roller coaster in Florida- Cheetah Chase at Busch Gardens. I'm loving it!
We visited a lovely resort called Celebrations because some of our family are going there next year.
I know I'm vain, but I just really like my hair in this picture!
He was a lot less white than I would expect but beautiful never the less!
What is going on? Surely, this is not what is meant to happen?
There is something seriously wrong with Busch Gardens Turtles!
These guys were amazing!
My family always make the joke that our Border Terrier looks like an otter, so you can imagine our elation when we came across these babies! It looks like they are talking to each other!
Dads cool pictures! You may have noticed that there is no manly presence in all of the pictures, he is behind all of the photos!
I wish I was there now, but I'm so glad I have all of these photos to look back on!


  1. Gorgeous pics! I'm glad you had an amazing time, xoxo.

    1. Aww, thankyou! Yes, I had the most amazing time, wish I was still there!! xoxo

  2. WOW! It looks amazing! I went when I was youger but can't remeber much :( Can't wait to go again in a few years! Amazing photos - what camera did you use?

    Lovely blog! Recent follower, please feel free to come and check out my blog :) x