Thursday, 26 December 2013

My Christmas Presents 2013

Hi Ladies, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you everything you were hoping for. I certainly am a very happy girl. I spent Christmas at home with my close family. We had an amazing dinner cooked by my Dad and spent the evening playing games and Singstar. Today I'm chilling and waiting for my god parents to come round later. Last year I did a 'What Did I Get For Christmas' post and personally, I love having a snoop at other peoples presents; so here is mine!

I absolutely adore the first Hummingbird Bakery Book so I was thrilled to have the latest one. There are some really incredible recipes in this book and I spent a good while on Christmas Day drooling over them! This was from my parents.

This was really my main present from my parents. It came in a huge box and I really had no idea what it was. I have been wanting a proper food mixer for so long and this is exactly the sort of thing I wanted. It looks amazing and does everything I could possibly want it to. I can't wait to start using it!

This is a present I knew I was having. Mum bought this a while ago and let me try it on, so I could decide whether or not to keep it. I couldn't believe that it was from Primark. The quality is lovely and it is so flattering. It is definitely a contender for my New Years Eve dress.

Pants for Christmas is standard procedure in my house and I love getting new ones! This year Mum got me pants from Boux Avenue which is one of my favourite places to shop for lingerie. I have a few bras from there and it is great for the larger chested ladies among us.

This is a present from my best friend Lauren. Yes, it is a pillow case, with a head on. For those of you that don't know, this is Scotty T from Geordie Shore. My friend and I are huge fans of the show and Scotty T is my favourite person on it. It's slightly creepy how real he looks in person but it's hilarious never the less.

This present was a total surprise. Mum and I love Jo Malone products and Mum received a bottle of cologne for her birthday in November. When I saw this under the tree earlier on in December; I assumed it was for Mum as my presents don't get put under the tree until Christmas Eve when I am in bed. On Christmas Day, I put everyone's presents into piles and when I gave this to Mum to open, Dad said: 'Actually, it's for you!' I adore the scent. I was sent a sample of it a while back and fell in love. It is the perfect mix of fruity and floral and I absolutely adore it!
This is a really sweet little gift set from Lush, bought for me by my friend Louisa. I adore Lush and this box contains two of my favourite Christmas Ballistics: Cinders and the Snowman.

This was a present from my best friend Alex. It is such a lovely, luxurious present. Inside this gorgeous little cracker is a 'dream' hand/ body cream that is to be applied before sleep to help you rewind and relax. It has an almost 'serum' texture and makes your hands feel lovely.

This was a really sweet present from my Mum. It was bought at one of our local Christmas markets and Dad filled it with mini marshmallows. It looks so cute in my room! 

For the past three years I have used Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish religiously. Mum said that Dad chose this out when they were shopping in John Lewis and it is a really lovely set. It contains a full sized Cleanse & Polish, 1 Muslin Cloth, a mini Skin Tonic and Eye Cream. I am intrigued to try some of Liz Earle's other products so this is a great way to test them.

I asked my Mum for this and I adore it already. It is a gorgeous moisturiser and smells so delicious. I won't talk to much about this as I have a review planned, but it really is an amazing product.

My CD choices haven't really been lets say, 'on trend' this year. But then again, I've never been one to care about charts etc. Most of the time I listen to Musical Theatre! These are two bands that are completely different but I really like their music. I recently got back into Westlife after Kian won I'm A Celebrity and I love Landslide and Travelin' Soldier by the Dixie Chicks, so I figured I would like their other stuff. Both CD's are Greatest Hits.

These were in my stocking and they are amazing! Since using them my hair feels incredible. I suffer from quite oily hair and I have to wash my hair every day but this is not oily at all (not like the name would suggest) and makes my hair light weight, shiny and oil free.

Earlier on in the year, our parents bought my sister and I tickets to see One Direction at Wembley Arena. Mum gave us these to remind us. I've seen the boys once before and I am so excited to see them on their stadium tour.

I chose this a few weeks ago and my sister and Mum got one too. I thought this was a lovely quote and looks very sleek in the white frame.

My Mum has a 'Stackers' jewellery box and I have always loved it. Mum bought my sister and I one for our jewellery. Mine doesn't look very full, I only really wear a few key, classic pieces of jewellery. Mum chose this colour as it is very similar to the iconic colour of Tiffany's.

I have been wanting a tartan scarf for ages and this one from Asos is perfect It is so thick and warm and perfect for the winter days. It is the perfect length too.

I have had a Mulberry Style Bayswater Bag from a discount website before and I adore it. Just before Christmas, these were on the website. (They are only on for a very limited period of time, so unfortunately they are no longer available). I chose a Mulberry Style Alexa Bag and also adore this bag. The leather is lovely quality and you wouldn't believe how cheap it was becuase the quality is amazing!

I have read lots of hype on the internet about Casestagram Personalised Phone Cases. I chose photos from key and some of my favourite events that have happened to me. Some are the photos are from skiing, meeting Union J, meeting the Script, Paris, Florida, my gorgeous doggy, my funny cat and various concerts and trips to London with my best friend Lauren. I love how no one in the world has this case and it is completely unique.

For Christmas this year my sister and I bought each other Pandora charms. She bought me the little Fairy Tale book and it is a lovely edition to my bracelet.

This was my main present from my grandparents. They bought my sister and I a laptop each. We are both coming to stages in our school life where it is more of a necessity. I am about to start my first year of college and soon Annabelle will be doing her GCSE's. It is such an amazing laptop and it does everything I could possibly need!

 I would class myself as quite a musical person. I sing, I am grade 5 piano and grade 3 flute and recorder. I have always wanted to play a stringed instrument so Mum and Dad figured that a Ukulele is a good place to start. Within an hour I had it tuned and had learnt 4 chords and I can't wait to keep learning.
As I mentioned at the very beginning of this post I was waiting for my Godparents to arrive. Well I am now writing this a good 12 hours later! My very generous Godparents bought me a Pandora Bus Charm and a MAC Pigment in Tan. A review of the pigment will follow soon.
If you have made it to the end- well done! This is such a long post! I hope you enjoyed reading about what I received for Christmas and had a lovely day yourself.

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