Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Magazine Awards January (February)

This post was invented by my best friend,

So as you probably know, when a magazine is released one month, it is about the next month. Eg. a magazine released in January is the February edition.

Me and my best friend (mentioned above) both love reading magazines, and any we get through the month, we swap them.

The three I read this month are:

Glamour, Company and Cosmopolitan. With the celebrities on the cover being: Kelly Brook, Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott.


Glamour never fails to impress me, and although, when my friend did this post, she said there was too much to read, I like the fact there is lots of true life stories. The celebrity stories are always nice to read, and there is lots of advice on new fashion and beauty trends. The page 'Hey, its Ok...' always makes me laugh, and you often get freebies or samples with Glamour, which is defiantly a plus!


Company was probably my least favourite, due to the fact that there just wasn't a lot that interested me in it. There was no real life stories, and not a lot of helpful advice. The only page I actually enjoyed was the one about nail, lip and hair trends.


Cosmopolitan was probably my favourite, there was so many things I enjoyed reading about in there, and also found lots of new blogs to read, thanks to the Cosmo Blog Awards. It was a really enjoyable read, there was lots of stories, and the fashion advice was great!

The Winner...


Whats your favourite magazine?


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