Monday, 6 January 2014

2013 | My Favourite Skincare Products

My Bloglovin feed has been flooded with '2013 Favourites' posts over the past week, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I debated doing a skincare and a makeup post, but in the end, decided on a skincare favourites post only. Mainly because I have used mostly the same makeup products all year. Whilst I lots of new eyeshadows and lipsticks, my face routine is basically the same as last year.
In 2013 I ventured into the world of skincare even further. I have had a basic skincare routine from the age of 13. Consisting of a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Before going to Paris earlier on the year, I did a lot of research into skincare. The French are renowned for making excellent skincare- therefore I branched out whilst I was out there. (If you are going to Paris in the near future- make sure you hit City Pharma. It really is a beauty blogger's/ skincare junkie's heaven)! Anyway, onto the products...
My first skincare favourite is Bioderma. Everyone has heard of it, if not tried it. It removes your makeup like a dream. It is perfect for all skin types- due to the fact it is so gentle on the skin. It lasts forever too! I bought a duo pack of two 500ml bottles, and I'm not even close to finishing the first bottle! Next is another product that I picked up in Paris, but it is a brand that is now readily available in most Boots stores. La Rouche Possay Effaclar Duo has become a 'must' in my skincare routine. I have oily skin and suffer not so much with breakouts but with scarring and hyper-pigmentation. Whilst this product has no miraculously changed the state of my skin, it has kept potential breakouts at bay and my scarring is slowly but surely beginning to fade. The Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Toner is a product that I bought down to good reviews from FleurdeForce & Tanya Burr. It is great for oily and problematic skin and helps to prevent acne. It smells incredibly strong and tingles when applied on the skin, but it is a lovely toner. It is only available in the US, so you have to order it from the Michael Todd website and have it shipped. My favourite face mask of the year is yet another product that I bought in Paris. Caudalie is a brand that I really like. I love the Beauty Elixer. The Caudalie Vinoperfect mask claims to brighten the skin. I use this mask the night before an event and I just love the way my skin looks after using it. The Origins Super Spot Remover has become a cult beauty blogger favourite, and with good reason! If ever I feel a spot coming, I dab a small amount of this on, and by the morning, it is reduced, if not gone! Whilst this hasn't helped with my scarring- it is wonderful for those spots that crop up around that time of the month. It looks tiny, but I have used this for a year and a half and still have over a quarter left. My final favourite skincare product is Nuxe Reve de Miel Lipbalm. Yet again, it is a product I bought in Paris. It is probably the best lip balm I have ever used- and I have used my fair share of them! It smells incredible, is ultra moisturising and gives the lips a matte look which I am a big fan of.
I love reading posts like this as I love having an insight to other people's favourite products. It gives to add new products to my ever growing wishlist! I hope you enjoyed this post.
Lots of love,

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