Sunday, 2 November 2014

My Favourite Autumn/Winter Fragrance | Diptyque Eau Duelle

Hi Ladies! Today I'm sharing with you my current favourite fragrance for this time of year. Working in fragrance has left me slightly snobby. I don't really wear perfumes that are readily available anymore- I'm so used to smelling the same ones all day that I want something completely different.
Diptyque is a brand that I originally found out about because of Fleur De Force. She was raving about Eau Duelle and how it is the perfect 'spicy scent'.
The top notes of this fragrance are Vanilla, Spices and Frankincense. This is the description on the Diptyque website:
Vanilla is refined between shadow and light. Brightened up by a vibrant top note of cold spices, then made sensual by black frankincense whose powers of seduction are devilishly engaging.
One of the reasons I was so drawn to this scent was because it is unisex. I love wearing stronger scents and because it is for men as well, it is a lot more intense than other fragrances. Even though it is an eau de toilette, it is incredibly long lasting- I'd say it rivals Tom Ford on that front.
The scent it so perfect for the colder months as it is so warming. The vanilla scent is very strong, so if you're not a fan of vanilla, I wouldn't recommend this scent. But for those of you like me, that love vanilla, I'd say it is perfect!
Diptyque is available from Space NK, Harrods and Liberty and is £55 for 50ml and £72 for 100ml (mine is 100ml).
What are your thoughts on Diptyque?
Lots of love,

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