Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Week in Photos #27

 Feather Extensions  Food Tech Cottage Pie  Tommy  Onesie  Bobby  Gold Post Box
On Monday, my best friends sister put one of her Feather Extensions in my hair and I have loved it! I have even bought myself some! The only problem was, a friend of mine said that he liked it, and when I demonstrated that it didn't come out, I pulled it out. Smooth. Cant wait to get some for Florida though!
In Food Tech at school, I made a Cottage Pie which I hope gets me a good mark! It tasted great! And on Friday, Tommy seemed to be very tired!
I finally joined the onesie brigade. Mum and dad bought be one home from town, and I'm ashamed to say, every member of my family own one. Cheesy much!
I came into my room to find Bobby sleeping under my chair, I wasn't sure how I was going to do my makeup this morning!
We also went to Hay on Wye today, to see Paralympian Josie Pearsons Gold Post Box.


  1. Onsies are just the best :) haha!!


  2. i want a onesie but i havent got one yet but i think i need to invest in one

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