Sunday, 23 September 2012

My Week in Photos #28

Pizza 1D  Boots Haul  The Lucky One  Dollars  Chocolate
In Food Technology this week, I made a chicken and chorizo pizza, which tasted nicer than it looks! One Direction let out their new sing this week, Live While We're Young I can safely say, it has been on replay since Thursday! I love it! Make sure you check it out! Ok. Fangirl moment over!
I bought a few bits and pieces throughout the week. In Morrisons, I found a Rimmel blush for half price, I just couldn't leave it. Especially as it is one that Tanya Burr recommends! I also repurchased my Wake Me Up Foundation and Soap and Glory Flake Away.
I had a lovely girly sleepover this week, and we watched The Lucky One for the first time! Zac Efron!!!! It wasn't as sad as I was expecting it to be, but I enjoyed it never the less. (Theres not a Nicholas Sparks novel that has been turned into a film that I haven't liked)!
In preparation for Florida, I exchanged some dollars, and enjoyed a few sneaky chocolate buttons in the bath today!
Hope you had a lovely week!


  1. Well done on making your pizza, I love Pizza, you must be really excited about Florida, make sure you take loads of pics :), xoxo.

    1. Haha thankyou! I might to a recipe on it? I am soo excited! Dont worry, there will be a whole post devoted to it when I come home! xoxo