Monday, 26 December 2011

My Christmas Day 2011

So this is my third Christmas Blog, and I'm going to write about this years Christmas Day!

The Christmas Tree seems empty without all the presents under!
So, first, we all woke up, and went downstairs. (We being, my Mum, Dad, sister, Step-Grandad and myself). We opened our stockings and presents, and then had breakfast. (List of presents on blog before this one).

A messy living room!

My dog Tommy in the wrapping paper. Any chance he gets, he opens the presents, he loves ripping the paper!

We then got ready and went round to our neighbours for a while, and then my Grandparents came around, we then opened our presents to each other. We gave each other laptops.

My cat Bobby (real name Baggins) seemed to be very interested in the Laptop Box!

How he got in there, I have no idea!

We then laid the table

and had a lovely Christmas Dinner.

When we had finished the meal.

We then played on my sisters new Just Dance 3 game and then lots of our friends came round. We played good old fashioned games like charades, and had a really fun time!

And before you know it, Christmas Day is over!

How was your Christmas?


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