Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Review: Lush Dragons Egg

Lush is famous for its Bath Bombs (Ballistics) and I am going to reveiw each one I use to see if they are worth the money or if they do something extra special, because, some of them can be a bit on the pricy side!

On the Lush website, the scent is described as jasmine, citrus and bergamot (it just smells like oranages and lemon to me)! and it is to die for!!
All Lush Ballistics really soften your skin and all have hidden suprises in there somewhere!

As you can see, the ballistic has many layers that hold different things, like the orange foam, gold glitter and confetti.

The ballistic breaks in half, and inside it, there is a ball of gold glitter that melts in the bath.

This is what the bath looks like when the ballistic has disolved.

It costs £2.99, but the only down side is, that when you let the water out, a lot of gold glitter is left in the bath, and it does take quite a bit of getting off, but apart from that, it ticks all the boxes!

Whats your favourite Lush Ballistic?


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