Saturday, 10 December 2011

Singing At The Royal Albert Hall!

Wow! So, I'll start at the beginning. At my school, I am in the choir, (sounds really geeky, but some of my best friends are in it too, and we have such a fun time)! and every year, our school choir gets the chance to perform, along with other schools from around the country, at the Royal Albert Hall!

So yesterday was the day of the concert! (09/12/11) This is such an amazing oppertunity, and I'm so glad I decided to go! (I also went in year 7).

We have been rehearsing since September, and sang a large variety of songs including a Pop and Queen medley.

We sang along side some amazing acts too, including an Irish Band whos name escapes me, and little Connie (now aged 11) who was on Britains Got Talent a few years back. She was inspirational an had me nearly in tears!

It was such an amazing day, and I wish I could describe it! I had such fun with two of my close friends!

me on the left- in the Royal Albert Hall toilets!


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