Saturday, 10 December 2011

Brand Vs Bargain- Highlighter

Now, I will start by saying I am a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics. And I can not say how excited I was to hear that a few months ago, Glamour would be giving a free Benetint, Posietint or Highbeam away with any purchase of the mag. Naturally, I brought to magazine three times to get all three products. So there I was, happy with a pig in muck, using my highbeam everyday in my foundation, to create a dewy look, but then, as I was mooching around bodycare, I found a very odd sight. Are bodycare doing Benefit? It wasnt until I looked closly, that I saw that they were selling a complete dupe for highbeam, called highlights!

Look how similar they are!!
Bodycare-L Benefit-R (the benefit one is in the small version, the real size is about the same as highlights).


T- Bodycare B- Benefit. The bodycare highlighter is whiter than highbeam, which is more pink.

You can just about see highbeam (benefit) when it is rubbed in, which shows it is more pigmented, but only slightly.

Now for price- Highbeam is £18.50 and Highlights is £1.99 which is an absolute steal!
Personally, I dont think there is enough difference between them to make me want to buy a proper Highbeam! Highlights is perfect for what I want, which is just mixig into my foundation. (If I use a highlighter on my cheek bones, I am currently using a sample of YSL Touche Eclat, which was another free sample in glamour. I will definatley be buying a real size of it though! And if I buy it from, it will be cheaper than Highbeam)!!

Bodycare also so a dupe of Benefits 'That Gal' and 'Bathina'.


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