Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #14

1. Topshop Red Double Layer Tube Skirt- I have never owned a maxi skirt, but I love the way they look on. They are really on trend this season, and this deep red colour is perfect for a/w. I think pairing with a leather jacket and studs/spiked will give it amazing edge!
RRP: £20
2. Ebay Premium Shamballa Bracelet in Salmon- When I go to America, I am planning on buying a Michel Kors Rose Gold Watch. Recently, I have been on the hunt for rose gold jewellery. Whilst browsing Ebay, I came across this bracelet from this seller. I do really like this bracelets, and it is at a really reasonable price (also buy one get one free) and although they are not real, and wont be the best quality, it is only costume jewellery that looks nice!
RRP: £5.75 with free delivery
3. Topshop Inhabited Lipstick- For a/w I really want a purply lipstick. Recently I have become a little obsessed with Topshop makeup, unfortunately, my local Topshop doesn't sell makeup, so I have to wait till I go away! This colour looks amazing on the photos Ive seen and I have heard great reviews!
RRP: £8
4. Topshop Laid Back Lipgloss- FleurDeForce has featured this lipgloss in two of her videos now, and it looks like one I have to have in my collection! It looks really natural on, and is great for everyday wear. Apparently they are even better than MAC Lipglasses!
RRP: £6
5. Ebay Spike Bracelet- Again, I think this would go really well with a Michel Kors Rose Gold Watch. I really like Spike Bracelets; I think they are really cool and give an outfit an edge. They are available from this seller and are available in up to three rows and colours.
RRP: The one I want is £1.79 with free delivery


  1. The skirt is amazing!!! love the spike bracelet:)

  2. I have been looking for a fairly cheap spike bracelet so thank u so much for finding one!! Already purchased :) xxx

  3. Great wish list I love them all