Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Week in Photos #24

Burnham-On-Sea/ Disney Night/ Harvester Recreation/  Mount Pleasant/ Bobby/ OPI/ Bath Time/ The Vampire Diaries/ Slipper Shoes

On Monday, my family and I went to Burnham-On-Sea for the day and on the way back stopped of at Weston Super Mare; which was lovely, as I haven't been to the 'seaside' in ages!
I had some of my friends over and we decided to have a Disney Night. I haven't seen any Disney Films for ages, as all of mine are on VHS! Those were the days!
Mum also recreated a meal that we had at the Harvester which was really yummy!

This week marked the second series of Mount Pleasant, which I think is absolutely hilarious!
You can see above, Bobby having a little snooze, and a picture of me borrowing my sisters OPI, a review will be coming shortly. Its such a beautiful colour!

This morning I used one of m Lush Bathbombs and read my book in the bath. 
My Dad came home from town with The Vampire Diaries Season 3, and put it in a little gift bag and left it on my bed! We've got all of the current seasons, and I can't wait until Season 4!
I have been wearing my suede slipper shoes almost all week, I am completely in love!

Hope you had a lovely week!


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