Friday, 10 August 2012

Review: Sleek Brow Kit in Dark

Filling in my brows has always been something that I have shied away from a little. After watching Desperate Scousewives, I defiantly didn't want to be left with a scousebrow at the end!! A few months ago, I began filling them in with the matte brow shade in Benefits Big Beautiful Eyes and that was fine for a while, but I had always wanted something that was more suited to eyebrows. (i.e Sleek Brow Kit of Benefit Brow Zings).

With Benefit Brow Zings being a little more on the pricey side, I opted for the Sleek Brow Kit.

This kit looks almost identical to Benefit Brow Zings- the only real difference being Benefit cater for three shades; light/medium/dark whereas Sleek only have two, light/dark.

As the name would suggest, the packaging is very 'sleek' with sturdy black packaging it is the sort of product that you are happy to have displayed on your dressing table.

As you can see from the pictures above, the kit contains a wax and a powder, both to perfect your brows.


Use the pigmented wax to define and shape the brows using the angled brush. Then, set the colour with setting powder using the blending brush.

Personally, I don't use the brushes in the kit, I like to use my Ecotools Angled Brush to apply both the wax and the powder, and I find that works really well for me.


The wax is really pigmented. You only need to dab the brush very lightly in the wax, and you have enough to fill in over half your brow. The powder is just as good, but I find that it is a tiny bit lighter than the wax, so you cant see it, but it does set the wax, and gives the brows a more natural than waxy look.

You can see, that you still keep your natural shape, and they don't look like they are 'drawn on'.

I really like the the way my brows look, and I feel as though my makeup feels complete with my brows filled in. It is a little dramatic for just being around the house, but if I am going out, I will defiantly be filling them in!


This kit is now priced at £8.49. It used to be £7.99, but I think I can live with the extra 50p! It is reasonably priced when compared to the like of Brow Zings, which is £22.50; and I have used Brow Zings before, and there really isn't much of a difference!

Have you tried the Sleek Brow Kit?



  1. I also bought this kit last week and reviewed it today, i'm completely in love! However it's still showing as £7.99 on the site and that's the price I got it for. Strange. Amazing product though.


    1. It is really good, my makeups not the same without it! x

  2. I got this kit in a makeup swap from the UK and have been in love with it ever since I started using it! I usually just use the wax then set it with some translucent powder, since if I use the powder given my brows are then wayyy too dark. Other wise I love this kit!

    1. The powder I expect could be a little dark on some brows! Im glad you enjoy it though! x