Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Origins Wednesday Wishlist #10

Today, my Wednesday Wishlist is going to consist of only Origins Products; the reason being- today, whilst browsing the Origins Counter in Peter Jones, Sloane Square, a lovely consultant came over to me, and gave me a facial, using products specified for my skin type and skin needs. I have fallen in love with all of the products she used on me, and I cant wait to buy some of them in the near future!
1. Never A Dull Moment Cleaner- This is a cleanser/facial wash that is to be used morning and night. It smelt gorgeous when it was applied to my skin and made it tingle a little. My skin felt fresh and rejuvenated when it was removed. When I have finished my Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish, this might have to replace it!
RRP: £17- 150ml
2. Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum- This product claims to brighten your skin, and after time, fade any blemishes or scars caused by break-outs and UV Light. It is to be used under a moisturiser morning and night. This is the most expensive product of the lot, and I am still unsure of whether it is worth forking out the cash, as I'm not entirely sure if it will work for me. I can't really tell after one use.
RRP: £46- 30ml
3. Balanced Diet Moisturiser- Usually, I use a separate moisturiser for day and night, but this one can be used for both. I suffer with oily skin but sometimes get dry patches around my nose. This moisturiser balances out the oiliness and dryness throughout the day. It is very light and refreshing on the skin and is quickly absorbed.
RRP: £23- 50ml
4. United State Toner- This is another product to balance the skin, is feels lovely and stimulating on the skin, and really revitalises it! Toner is something that I have never really made a big fuss over, I've always been perfectly contempt using Lush Tea Tree Water, but after trying this, it has shown me what a difference a high end toner can make!
RRP: £17- 150ml
5. Super Spot Remover- This product is raved about online by the likes of Zoe and Kayleigh and after trialing it today, I can see why! I have tried my fair share of spot removers in my time, and none have stood out like this one. I felt it work almost instantly, as it tingled away; which gives you a little feeling of satisfaction, as you know its working! The blemishes it was used on are already decreasing in size, which is exactly what I like to see!
RRP: £13- 10ml
6. Modern Friction Exfoliator- After the Spot Remover, this is my favourite product! I love using exfoliators, as I adore the feeling of soft, purified skin, but never have I used an exfoliator that has given my skin such a healthy glow! The lady said 'feel your skin' when she had finished, and I couldn't believe it was my skin! It feels so soft, even now, its unreal! It brightened my skin too! I cannot express my love enough for this product!
RRP: £31- 125ml
Excuse the lengthy post, but I am so smitten with my discovery of Origins products, I could hardly contain my blogging self!

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