Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Week in Photos #22

Hi everyone, I've been having a spot of bother with this post, so I've had to resort to doing it on the iPad with a different mosaic maker! Been a bit of a pain! Especially as I'm trying to watch the Olympic Closing Ceremony! Ho Hum!

This week, Ive been loving my Minnie Mouse OPIs, as you can see above, me sporting some of the colours! Reviews pending! On Monday, me and my best friend Alex caught up, which was lovely, as I hadn't seen her for ages! Whilst reading the September Glamour, I found a page dedicated to nail colours of Autumn; its safe to say I fell in love! In an old style sweet shop, I couldn't resist buying a few of my favourites. Don't they look cute in a little jar?!

On Wednesday, I bought myself a new perfume- Vera Wang Princess. I have been adoring wearing this! My sister and I dug out some old Disney videos to watch! This week marked the return of Beaver Falls. Similar to The Inbetweeners and Misfits, it is British Comedy at its best, and I cant wait until tomorrows episode, and ultimately, seeing Flynn again! *swoon* Also, the hot weather has been having a rather odd effect on the animals. Here you can see Bobby trying to keep cool!

We had a Friday Night Dinner of Steak, and then feeling guilty, I went on the new 'Work Out Machine' (unsure of its real name)! that Dad brought back from work as they were getting rid of it! Tommy enjoyed sunning himself in the garden, where we later enjoyed a delicious BBQ!

I enjoyed wrapping Dads birthday presents as the paper is just so adorable! You've got to love the Muppets! I was so extremely proud of a Mr Tom Daley when he won his bronze medal, and I must admit, I few tears were shed! How can you not love him! Also Mo Farah winning his gold medal- another proud GB moment! Not forgetting all of the other amazing athletes! I cant believe London 2012 is over!
I have loved my new woolly cardy, (although I shouldn't be wearing it in what is supposed to be the Summer Holidays) paired with a Collection Cream Puff! And how sweet are the decorations I used on Dads birthday cupcakes?! London themed- very appropriate! Especially as he is a Grenadier Guard!

Hope you had a lovely week!


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  1. BEAVER FALLS TONIGHT YES BRO! Love this type of post:) See you soon..