Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How I Deal With: Stretch Marks

With stretch marks, you either get them or you don't. Some of my friends have them, and there are a few lucky ones that don't. You can feel very self conscious about them, and want to cover them up.
I have found a method that helps them fade away, so that you can barely see them! How good does that sound?!

All I use is: Palmers Stretch Mark Lotion, (which is supposed to be used by pregnant woman, but works a treat!) and Lush Therapy Massage Bar.

First I apply the massage bar, just by rubbing it on my skin. The heat from your body melts the bar. And then I use the stretch mark lotion. It is quite thin, but rubs in nicely.

The Palmers Lotion retails for around £4 or £5? And I think the massage bar is around £5 or £6.

If you have stretch marks, I hope this works for you! Its really affordable and effective.


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