Sunday, 26 February 2012

Excuse Me While I Fangirl!

I am so excited, I can barely write this post! Ok. So, from my interests, and the fact I have mentioned them in some of my posts, I love One Direction! I am one of millions of girls, who are in love with 5 boys! Now, I know your going to think, shes just a silly teenager. Think what you like, but I will say, I am not one of the fans that only likes them for their appearances. I love their music.

But back to the post. If any of you are directioners, you may know that tickets for their UK arena tour went on sale yesterday. (You can probably guess where I'm heading with this!) I got up and was sat at the computer ready for when they did. At 9, thousands of other girls, like me, went on ticketmaster, and phoned up arenas for the chance for tickets. I had been trying for and hour and a half, and still had no luck. Until I finally got some! My dad was in the process of entering his details, when my best friend rang me up- I'VE GOT TICKETS!! So me and my friend bust have gotten through at exactly the same time!

Me and my best friends are going to see them at the Birmingham LG Arena, on the 23rd March 2013. I know its a long way away, but I'm so excited!


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