Thursday, 2 February 2012

January Favourites!

So before I start the post, I must say, I don't think I've really brought anything new this month! I'm saving up for when me and my family go to London, and despite the shops calling my name, I stayed strong and restrained!

Some of the things are not beauty related, as, after all, who says monthly favourites only have to be about beauty products? Although, I do contradict myself a bit, as this is a beauty blog. Ah well....

1. PRIMARK PJS: My mum brought me these just after Christmas, as my other ones had a hole in the, ahem, bum area... But she brought me these to replace the other ones, and I have worn them, literally, every, single day. When their being washed, I don't know where I am! Their so soft and warm, and I put them on as soon as I get home! And actually, I'm wearing them as I speak!
RRP: £5

2. ACCESSORIZE GLOVES: Another gift from my mum. You must think I never buy anything for myself! But I love wearing neutral colours, and I wear a neutral scarf a lot of the time, and Mum saw these and pointed them out to me. They were in the sale, but they are the thickest, softest, warmest gloves I have ever had! I love them!
RRP: £3.60

3. OPI NAIL VARNISH in TEAL THE COWS COME HOME: This nail varnish came in the mini brights set that I got for my birthday, and I kid you not, I have not worn any other colour on my toes since. And my birthday was in October! The colour is so beautiful, and so unique, and I think I might buy the big size! I've worn it on my fingers a few times this month, and oh my, the colour is too die for!
RRP: Big size: £10.50

4. BENEFIT CREASELESS CREAM EYESHADOW in BIRTHDAY SUIT: I've had this eyeshadow since probably March last year, and I still have well over half of it left. I went through a stage of not wearing it very often, butt now, I wear it all the time! I have worn it during fitness and gym sessions, and honestly, it did not crease one bit! I do wear it with a primer though. But it really is amazing! I'm looking forward to trying the Maybelline Eye Creme Tattoo's though, I have my eye on 'Bold Gold' and 'Bad to the Bronze.'
RRP: £14

5. URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION: Me and this primer have a love hate relationship. I got this small size of it with the Naked Palette, last October, and I liked it at first, but then I began to think it was running out. But now we're in January, and I have realised that it has lasted me this long, and this is every day use! But sometimes, it does tend to crease my shadow, but that is only if I am having an overly oily day.
RRP: Big size: £14.50

6. N07 FOUNDATION BRUSH: I found this in a Boots, in the sale back last August. It was a complete steal as they are usually about £11, and I paid £3. Recently, I've really been into using a brush to apply my foundation. And this brush is lovely. The bristles are really soft, and it leaves a really nice look to my face.
RRP: £11 (£3)

7. THE BODY SHOP SEAWEED CLARIFYING NIGHT TREATMENT: This night serum is specially for oily skin, and it is said to reduce the oiliness of your face, while hydrating it through the night. It is really nice and smooth to apply, and skin feels lovely and soft the morning after I use it. I have also noticed a difference in the clearness of my skin after using it.
RRP: £10

8. THE BODY SHOP TEA TREE OIL: Another item from the Body Shop. I use this oil on my blemishes, and depending on the size of it, it usually dries up over the course of the night. I really like it, and it has cleared my skin up no end!
RRP: £6

So theres my monthly favourites for January! I cant believe we're already 1 month into 2012!

What are your monthly favourites?



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