Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Where I Like to Shop in London

As you will probably have guessed, I go to London quite a bit, and shopping is one of my favourite parts of it! I thought I would share where I like to shop when I am there.
When people think about London shopping, usually Oxford Street springs to mind. But I hardly ever go shopping there! Its always absolutely heaving, and is can be quite unenjoyable.

My favourite place to shop, is Covent Garden. The atmosphere is so lovely, and looking around all the pretty nick-nacks on the Jubilee Market never fails to get me excited! And the shops there are great too. My favourite Lush, a good Jack Wills, jewellery stores galore, and lots of fashion and beauty boutiques. It really is a lovely place to be! And especially at Christmas!

When me and my family go, we usually cut through some back streets. We had been down Floral Street before, but I was too busy being distracted by the bright pink Ted Baker store over the road, that I failed to notice the Mulberry store parallel to it.
On our way to London, we always drive through Knightsbridge, and down Brompton Road, and there a big Mulberry store there, that I always like to look at. And this season, I absolutely LOVE the window displays!
Here's pictures from the Floral Street store:

So adorable! Loving the ice creams!

A few posts ago, I mentioned a new place, which is beauty heaven. Carnaby Street.

It is my perfect street! To name a few, there was:

A Benefit Store

A Pixie Store

And a MAC Store

See what I mean?! I was like a child in a sweet shop!

Another place, if Harrods is a bit too overwhelming, Fortnam and Masons is always a lovely alternative!

This is me and my Mum and Dad in the luxurious gold lifts!

I hope I haven't rambled on too much!


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