Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Top 5 Festive Nail Polishes

Christmas is my favourite time of year to wear nail polish. As much as I like pastels in the Spring and neon's in the Summer. I adore dark, glittery shades for the colder months. I have picked my top 5 :
L-R OPI Affair in Red Square - Models Own Purple Blue - OPI Golden Eye - Essie Bahama Mama - OPI The Living Daylights
OPI Affair in Red Square- This is a really deep red with slight shimmer. It is so festive, and red nails always make me feel so glamorous. The application is lovely, it is nearly opaque after one coat.
Models Own Purple Blue- Strictly speaking, this shade isn't really festive, but I love wearing it out. It is a lovely party colour. It catches the light beautifully as it is duo-chrome. (It is part of the Beetlejuice Collection).
OPI Golden Eye- Without a doubt, this is my favourite nail polish of the moment! It was a bargain too, as I managed to grab it on ASOS for £4! It is part of the A/W James Bond Collection and it is the most stunning Christmas shade. It is a glitter polish, and usually OPI glitter polishes are a right pain to get off, but this one is fine!
Essie Bahama Mama- In September/ October, every beauty blogger seemed to be raving about this. I bought it whilst in America, and still love it. It is very simple, but looks great on the nails.
OPI The Living Daylights- This is also from the James Bond Collection. This time last year, OPI Rainbow Connection was all anybody wanted for Christmas. And whilst this polish isn't as colourful, it is just as pretty. The main glitter particles are orange, gold, silver and teal. It looks lovely over any colour and on one finger or all of them!
What are your favourite festive nail polishes?


  1. Wow, Golden Eye is the prettiest ail polish I've seen in a looooooooooooooooong time! I think The Living Daylights looks really pretty and similar to Rainbow Connection, as you mentioned x

  2. Essie Bahamamama love ittttt xx