Saturday, 14 July 2012

Review: MAC Teddy Eye Kohl

Woodwinked Eyeshadow and Teddy Eye Kohl were two products that were recommended to me a long time ago, and after recently receiving them as a gift, I have been adoring wearing them together! They compliment each other perfectly!

It comes in the usual sleek, black MAC packaging, but this time with a subtle glitter.

This eyeliner has to be, by far, the most pigmented eyeliner I own! It is so luxurious to apply!
MAC describe it as an Intense Bronze which sums it up really! It does have a slight shimmer to it too, but not enough to make it incredibly noticeable.

Usually, I like wearing black eyeliner, to make my lashes look thicker, but I have found, wearing this, gives you a more natural, 'girl next door' look that is completely appropriate for this time of year!

Personally, I think this eyeliner wears really well; I always wear a primer on my eye lids, but I don't know if it would fare to well if it came into contact with water, so I wouldn't recommend it as a waterproof eyeliner.

This eyeliner is priced at £14.


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