Monday, 3 September 2012

Haul | Back To School & London

I don't know about any of my other readers, but on Wednesday, my alarm goes off at 7, and I start the school routine. I am quite excited, as I love school, but I sure am going to miss those lie-ins!
I have a collective haul of things I have bought for school, and some things I have bought in Kingston, London & Westfields Stratford.
This is my new school bag- a Ted Baker Shopper Bag. I love it! It is a metallic browny colour with baby pink detailing. It is very spacious, and I defiantly recommend them for school bags!
RRP: £35
My new pencil case is from Paperchase, and the inspiration for me buying it, was the birthday card I bought my friend Holly, it was also from Paperchase, and had the identical pattern. It is really compact, and fits all the necessities perfectly.
RRP: £3.50
Now come on, how cute are these? They are irresistible! They are also from Paperchase. They are really small, and all fit fine into my pencil case. My sister got the panda ones, but being a cat lover myself, these were the ones for me!
RRP: £2.50
Yet another Paperchase purchase, and this is for Food Technology. The folder has such a pretty pattern, and is a really good size. I cant wait to pull this out in class!
RRP: £3.50
This is only a tiny thing. I went to Candy Kittens on the Kings Road (a pop up store that Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing devised) being a huge fan of Jamie, because how can you not love him?! I had my heart set on going there! I got a few other bits which you will see in a minute- but I also got this really cute pen with the Candy Kittens Logo on!
RRP: £1
Another Candy Kittens purchase is my Candy Kitten Canvas Bag. As they were sold out of shopping bags, if you spent over £20 in store, you were able to get this for £2 instead of £5. For me, it was a no-brainer, as I now have a new PE bag!
RRP: Usually £5
I adore Slipper Shoes as you will find out soon, and my new school shoes are no exception. These ones are from New Look. Going to a school with a strict uniform code, I have never strayed far from normal dolly pumps, but I think these are so cute! They are really comfy, and I cant wait to start wearing them on Wednesday, as they are something a little different to your usual 'school shoes'.
RRP: £8 (sale)
I bought my New Look Wooly Cardy a few weeks ago, and have worn it non stop. I find it goes with any outfit, and I shouldn't really need to wear it, as technically its still summer, but its really warm on those chillier days!
RRP: £17.99
 I bought these in the huge Jack Wills in Kingston. I was in desperate need of a new pair, as my old Jack Wills sweat pants have a hole in the knee, from when I fell over on my friends drive! These are so comfy, and I'm wearing them as I speak! I wear them ALL the time and these will defiantly see me into the winter months!
RRP: £29 (sale)
 These Primark Cheeky Shorts are another wintery buy. I love this print and think it is the ultimate Christmas print! I prefer to wear shorts in bed, so these are great for me! They are really reasonably priced too!
RRP: £3
I  got this H&M Red Skirt in Kingston and love it! I love wearing red, but I think sometimes, it can look a little over done. This is very fitted (which is what I like, as I wear stretchy skirts a lot of the time) and is really flattering on. I wear it high waisted, but you could also wear it on the hips, for a longer, more pencil skirt look.
RRP: £14.99
I have been on the hunt for a neutral blazer for ages now, and I came across two in Westfields. I decided on the one from Zara. It is a really unique texture and is so comfy on! It is amazing quality too. It is a classic staple item, and I will wear it in the years to come to all sorts of events!
RRP: £49.99
This is the last thing I got from Candy Kittens and it is the Whaa T-Shirt. I was torn between this one, and the Pardy T-shirt, but seeing as me and my Mum find it absolutely hilarious when Jamie, Francis and Proudlock use the term Whaa I knew I had to have this one!
RRP: £20
This is my second T-Shirt of the haul. After watching Notting Hill on TV on Tuesday for the hundredth time, it was decided that Notting Hill was to be the location of choice on Wednesday. Whilst browsing around lots of Boutiques I came across this T-Shirt, that I knew, had to be mine! Notting Hill being one of my favourite films, this is right up my street!
RRP: £15
I went to the Paralympics on Friday. (Ill do a post about my amazing experience). And before we went in, we spent the day shopping in Westfields! I got lots of goodies, but me and my family each got a T-Shirt from the Adidas Store. I chose this one, and wore it on the night. I am wearing it now, wishing I was there again!
RRP: £7.50
Slipper Shoes are my favourite at the moment, and these Suede ones from New Look are no exception, and you can see from the picture, they are already well worn! I love them, and they are extremely comfy!
RRP: £17.99
If you follow my blog regularly, you may have seen my Origins Wednesday Wishlist. In John Lewis, I bought a couple of things from the Origins Counter. I finally gave into the hype and bought the Super Spot Remover, and I can safely say, I have been nothing but impressed so far! Expect a review!
RRP: £13
With my current obsession being Origins, I also bought this from the counter. I was umming and erring about getting the full size of Modern Friction Exfoliatior, as £31 is a lot to fork out, but when I saw they had a 50ml size for a third of the price, I couldn't leave it! Expect a review of this too!
RRP: £12
I also got another MAC Eyeshadow for my Pro Palette. I wanted a really natural colour for school, and went for the shade Ricepaper. It is a Peachy Gold with Shimmer and seeing as I love wearing gold eyeshadow I thought it would be perfect! I will do a full review soon.
RRP: £10
I used one of my friend clips like this, and really liked them. Primark do really reasonably priced hair accessorises so I got some from there!
RRP: £1
I have had my eye on these tights, but never got round to buying them. They were in Primark for £1! Such a bargain! I will wear them with a plain skirt, (maybe my red one....) and I think they really jazz up an outfit!
RRP: £1 (sale)
Phew-ey that was a long post! I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Nice haul hun, I love the shoes and bag especially, xoxo.

  2. OMG THE BAG!!!! yayayayayayay. Can't wait to see you:) I'm sorry and iloveyou!

    1. Hehehe I know!! Sorry about what?! xx

  3. love the primark shorts, so cute!xo

    1. Thankyou! Im wearing them now and they're super comfy!! xx