Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Week in Photos #25

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Its been such a busy week, and I cant believe that I'm back to school this coming week!
On Monday, for tea, a KFC was on the cards, whilst I was happily singing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together constantly! In Guildford, I bought some American chocolate that is perfect for my sweet themed art project!
I tried a new M& Old Sweet Shop Drink- this time Sherbert Lemon! After watching Notting Hill on TV on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, we headed to Notting Hill to try and find The Travel Book Co and my own Will Thacker. Unfortunately, neither were on the cards. The Travel Book Co isn't actually real, but was inspired by a bookshop in Notting Hill. We then stopped of and had a yummy waffle!
In Peter Jones, Sloane Square, I had a lovely Origins facial, which has sparked an Origins obsession! Me and Mum trecked the Kings Road in hunt of Candy Kittens- eventually found it, and all of the Candy Kittens were so lovely! But unfortunately, Jamie was nowhere to be seen! After seeing this T-Shirt in Notting Hill, how could I not buy it? Its one of my all time favourite films!
Bought a few bits in Candy Kittens, which you will see in a haul to come. I went to the Paralympics on Friday, and used some Primark Union Flag nails, which I was very impressed with! We spend the afternoon shopping at Westfields Stratford, and had a Nandos for lunch.
I bought some nice bits in Westfields and finished a really good book on the train- When God Was a Rabbit- I defiantly recommend it! You can see a picture of me and my family in the Olympic Stadium. We watched Athletics, and saw Hannah Cockcroft win and receive her gold medal and saw the amazing Jason Smyth run!
 My October Glamour came in the post, and my current NOTD is OPI. Review to follow. We spent the day in Cardiff Bay as my doggy had a photo shoot for a calender! I will update you when it is printed! We had a delicious burger in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen- it was huge!
Hope you had a lovely week, and not dreading going back to school/ college/ work too much!

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