Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Week in Photos #29

New Ombre Hair  Crumble  FOTD 1  Sisters Present  Birthday Cake  OFOTN  FOTD 2  My Surprise House Party  1D
I've been pretty busy this week! The week started off normal, and on Wednesday, I went to get my hair ombred. You can read the post about it here. I absolutely love it! In Food Tech this week, I made an Apple, Pear and Fig Crumble with a Ginger Nut Biscuit Topping. And on Thursday night, a work collegue was leaving, so we all went out for dinner.
It was my sisters birthday on Friday, and I bought her the new Taylor Swift perfume Wonderstruck, that when I bought it, came with a free bag. We also had a really delicious Flake Cake.
On Saturday, one of the loveliest things happened to me. I thought I was going round to my best friends to welcome home her sisterr from uni, when actually, she had organised a surprise house party for my birthday!! (I in Florida for my birthday, thats why we had it so early)! I was completly unaware, and I had the absolute time of my life! You can see above what I wore.
Again, is the makeup I wore to the house party. You can see me and some of my friends looking a little worse for wear late into the night. We had so much fun! And today, One Direction were in Fabulous magazine!
Overall I have had a really lovely week, and I would like to thank Holly and Meg for being so wonderful!
Hope you have had a nice week!

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