Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Review | Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer

This is the post that Lauren posted on her blog when we did a Guest Post Swap, but I thought I would post it on my blog too!

With it being a big year for London, many brands have branched out, and re-packaged products to London themes- Benefit is so exception.


Instead of the usual pink and white packaging, it is a scene of London. You can make out Big Ben, The London Eye and Tower Bridge! ! The box is unusual, in the shape of a hexagon, whereas the actual product is your average tube!
I am some what disappointed in the actual product packaging, as I think it could be a little snazzier instead of a white bottle, but that has no affect on the product itself!

The quotes on the packaging are really sweet. It says "let the pretty games begin!" on the top, and then on either side, it says "London's calling... smooth on a happy face" and "brightening primer of champions."
You can see from the pictures above, when you remove the lid, there are lots of little holes, that when you twist the bottom, the product comes out of.
The Product
The product itself is a light baby pink with subtle shimmer and smells like strawberries. Yes! It smells like strawberries! But I suppose Benefit products are renowned for having inviting smelling products!
After I moisturise, I apply this as a base for my foundation. Even after applying a small amount, I notice a significant change in the radiance of my skin. I look a little more awake! I then use a foundation on top. (Above, I am wearing Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation). I really do feel that it does what it claims when it says 'brightening', my skin does look all around brighter and more glowy!
Being a primer and all, you expect for your makeup to stay on longer when using it. I don't know whether my makeup stays on for any longer, perhaps an extra hour or two, but nothing significant. It also doesn't really prevent oiliness, but then, when a primer doesn't specify it is for oily skin, what can you expect!
Overall, I really like this primer, and the way it makes my skin look. I really enjoy using it and will defiantly continue to do so!

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