Thursday, 26 January 2012

How I Deal With: Oily Skin Through the Day

This is yet another new style of post that I've decided to do. I'm going to blog about all sorts of things that most girls will go through, and how to manage or prevent them.

From the title, you have probably guessed that this one is going to be about oily skin, and I have very oily skin! I'm not sure whether its just teenage hormones, but my mum also has oily skin. Although one plus is, I will get minimal wrinkles!

There's nothing worse than going through a day, and your whole look gets ruined by shiny T-Zone. Now, the method I use may not work for you, but for me, it works fine and dandy.

There are so many products on the market that promise to do this and that for your skin, but unless you know exactly what's going into it, you could be putting a load of rubbish onto your skin! So when possible, I like to use homemade remedies. That way, I know exactly what I'm using.

So this is really easy to do.

What you need:

Tea Tree Oil
Lime Juice
Some way to juice the lime
A container bottle to store it in
A syringe

The Tea Tree Oil I use is The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, which i believe is sold for around £6.

What I do, is pour a few drops of this into a ramekin, and then squeeze the lime juice in, and mix it a bit.

I then use the syringe to transfer it into a small bottle.

I put this on my face, after I've moisturised, and it helps keep the oily skin at bay throughout the day.

If your skin does get oily through the day again, use blotting papers to blot!

Hope this works for you!


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