Wednesday, 18 January 2012

War Horse

Each time I read a book, I like to do a review of it, so you guys can see if its worth buying/ reading, and I thought to myself, why don't I do it on films too?

I wont do it on every single film I watch, as I watch a LOT! But the one I'm going to talk about is in cinemas now, and is really worth going to see!

So last weekend, I went to see War Horse. And there are not enough good things I can say about it!

I have read the book (by Michael Morpurgo) and sometimes a film is a bit of a let down compared to the book, but the film captures the story so well! It is so moving, and despite my best efforts not to, (there was lots of people I knew in the cinema) I ended up blubbing for a lot of the way through it!

I don't want to give away the story line as always, but obviously, it is about a horse, Joey, in the time of the war. He is brought up by a boy called Albie, and the story is how their paths part ways, and the way they come together again.

Take my word for it, GO AND SEE IT!!

If you have seen it, what did you think?


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