Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bendy Rollers

I have really poker straight hair, so I'm always interested in new ways to curl it. I have tried lots of things, and have had these bendy rollers for a few years now, but haven't used them for ages, so when I did use them, I thought a blog post was necessary!

The ones I use are from Bodycare, and I'm not sure of the price, about £1.50 for 10?

So this is my natural hair:

I put the rollers in at about 8pm last night, just after I'd washed my hair. Their really easy to do, and instructions are on the back if you need them, but all you really do it roll your hair up in them, and bend them to secure.

I took them out at 8am this morning, and this is the result, straight after I had removed them.

As you can see, the curls are very tight, and makes my hair look really short!

Stupidly, I was running a bit late, and forgot to put hairspray on, but here is how it lasted through the day.

Seeing as I forgot to use hairspray, I think they worked pretty well, as usually, my hair never holds the curl. The picture was taken at about 4:30pm.

Overall, I think it is a really cheap and easy way to achieve curly hair!

Have you tried them?


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