Saturday, 7 January 2012


Just a quick one to show you a new look I created.



On my skin, I just have my everyday foundation routine, the same one I have mentioned a few times in blogs before.

On my eyes, I primed them with Urban Decays Primer Potion, and all over my lid, I have Half Baked from the Naked Palette, and in my outer corner, I have Gunmetal, also from the Naked Palette. The colours complement each other well I think, and it is the sort of look, that can be glammed up or down depending on what you are doing. It is just in the middle of a normal and smokey eye.

Then I just used a few coats of Mascara.

And on my lips, I used my MAC Lipstick in Plink. I didn't want anything too dark, as I only wanted a day time look.


I've never done a 'Hair of the day' before, and this look, you may have seen before, but braids are going to be huge this year, so this is a really simple look that is easy to achieve.

To create this look, all I did was clip the front of my hair back, and take a small piece from the side of my head, and plait it. Then, I 'wrapped' it over my head and secured it with some bobby pins. I then removed the grips I used to pin the front of my hair back, and naturally let my hair fall down, so it covered any grips or bumps. It takes under 5 minutes, and is a really girly look.


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