Sunday, 22 January 2012

D.I.Y. Photo Display

About a month ago, I went to Jessops, and printed off some photos of me and my friends. I was planning to just stick them on my wall, and have a bit of a collage on there, but my Mum said to be, instead of just having them on my wall, why don't I make something, to display them on? That way, I don't have walls plastered in pictures!

What you will need:

  • Some sort of board that is big enough to hold about 10 photos but not too big that it will take up a lot of space.

  • One or two pillow cases
  • A piece of pretty material that you would like to use

  • A large piece of ribbon

  • A Staple Gun
  • A Hammer (if the board is quite thin, to push the staples back through, if they push through)
  • Scissors
  • Chopping Board
First, cover the board with a pillow case if the material is thin. I had to use two, as there was a pattern on the board. To secure it, staple the it round the back.
Then do the same with the material you use.
After that, you need to start putting the ribbon on. First, I did that big strand from corner to corner. Then work your way down to each corner, and then do the same, crossing the ribbon over itself, until you get something that looks a little like this:

Then, all you have to do it put whichever photos you onto it!

And this is what it looks like finished!

I hope you enjoyed this D.I.Y post, I have another one planned so I'll post it in a few days.


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