Thursday, 12 January 2012

Christmas Eve....

From the title, you are probably thinking, what the hell is she on about? Christmas Eve has been and gone, but I'm not going to be ranting on about actual 'Christmas Eve', but the Yankee Candle scent 'Christmas Eve.'

If you have read my blog before, you may know, that for Christmas this year, I got the Yankee Candle large jar in Christmas Eve. And ever since, I have been absolutely obsessed with the smell and have had it burning in my room, literally every single day!

I was really please when I got it for Christmas, but then it dawned on me, what if I don't want to burn it when Christmas is over? As after all, it is a Christmas scent. But that really doesn't matter! It is the sort of scent that I can not get enough of!

Its a lovely mix of fruit and cinnamon, and is a really warm scent. Whether I would want to burn it in the summer time is another story, I would probably invest in another scent for summer, something lighter and fresher, but I will have probably have used up this jar by then anyway. My previous candle lasted my five months.

Large Jar, Tartlet and Sampler.

Sampler Holder is from Yankee Candle and the Oil Burner is from B&M. The tea light is Country Lemonade, also by Yankee.

You will probably get to realise, that me, and my family are a little bit obsessed with Yankee Candles!

Whats your favourite scent?


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